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Practice Areas

Commercial Collection


We represent our clients through all phases of the collection process, from initial demand, through litigation, to the collection of judgments. Our professionals have decades of experience specializing specifically in commercial collection and have a track record of recovering on claims where others have failed. Our aggressive techniques ensure recovery, while our professional demeanor preserves our clients’ reputations.

Loan Workouts and Foreclosure


We represent banks and financial institutions pursuing remedies against borrowers, guarantors and other third parties who defaulted on an obligation. Our lawyers assist special asset officers with structured settlements, foreclosure proceedings and court confirmation proceedings. We also aggressively pursue borrowers in court to reduce a lender’s claim to judgment and collect on the claim in an economical manner that ensures maximum recovery for our clients.

Insurance Premium Claims


We collect outstanding insurance premiums on general liability, worker’s compensation and other commercial policies, and routinely handle premium audit claims, short rate claims, and any other premium due claims. We also assist premium finance companies in the collection of unpaid loans owed by insureds and agent/brokers.

Construction Litigation & Mechanic’s Liens


We represent creditors in construction related claims, from collection of receivables to notification, filing and enforcement of mechanic’s liens and State or Federal bond claims. We routinely sue to collect debts owed to contractors and sub-contractors and other materialmen that were not paid. We aggressively enforce our clients’ lien rights to obligate an owner to pay.

Creditor’s Rights in Bankruptcy


We represent creditors in bankruptcy matters, including filing proofs of claim, debtor exams, defending actions to avoid judgments or other liens, and defending claims or actions alleging preferential payments or transfers. Creditor representation in bankruptcy is important. Having the right firm representing your interests can be the difference between recovery and a total write off.

Registration of Foreign Judgments


We register judgments obtained by our clients outside the State of Georgia under the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act (UEFJA). After the judgment is domesticated, our firm takes the steps necessary to enforce and collect the judgment in the State of Georgia.

Commercial Landlord Representation


We assist commercial landlords with tenant defaults. We strive to keep the tenant in the space and in compliance with the terms of the lease. However, we also represent landlords in eviction proceedings when left with no choice. We obtain possession of the property and collect any money owed under the rental agreement as well as any damages.

Legal Fee Collection


We assist lawyers and expert witnesses in collection of client fees. We understand the delicate nature of this type of collections and work hard to mitigate frivolous counterclaims asserted by former clients. Collection of fee receivables is important to the success of a practice and should not be ignored due to fear of retaliation.

Secured Transaction/Leasing


We assist creditors in enforcing liens and recovering their collateral and deficiency balances. We also collect money owed on breached lease agreements, in addition to recovering the property wrongfully held by the debtor.

Transportation Claims


We collect outstanding claims for carriage freight, including claims involving Interstate Commerce Commission Rules and Tariffs, as well as transported goods under Bill of Ladings. We represent large multi-national freight carriers and shippers operating out of the Port of Savannah and other regional transportation hubs in the Southeast.

Personal Property Foreclosure


We pursue the remedies available to a creditor with a lien or right of possession to property through the means provided under the UCC and State Law, including repossession. We specialize in office and medical equipment repossession but also routinely handle repossession of commercial vehicles as well.

Appellate Practice


We represent existing clients, whose cases are handled by our professionals, and new clients, who first seek our assistance at the appellate stage. Our professionals are licensed to practice before the Federal and State Appellate Courts in the Eleventh Circuit and State of Georgia.